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The Bombers Bunker

"Getting Athletes to the Next Level"

The Bombers Bunker is Troy, New York's newest elite baseball and softball training facility. This 18,000 square foot training center contains six fully turfed hitting/pitching tunnels, turf skills area, HitTrax Baseball Simulator, and a swing analysis media room. A fully equipped indoor and outdoor workout center is also available for athletes to develop strength and conditioning skills 7 days per week year round. Whether you're an elite athlete or a player looking to excel in the sport you love, the Bombers Bunker can get you to the next level.

Bombers Bunker 70 102nd Street Troy, NY 12180


In Season Workout Considerations

With the off-season winding down, many players are wondering how to maintain the strength they put on during the off-season. Here are seven simple but effective ways to maintain strength during the baseball season.

1. Maintain Body Weight.

Here at USA, we spend all off-season putting 10, 15, and sometimes 20 pounds on athletes to help increase their ability to produce force. Sports are won by those who exhibit greater Rates of Force Development (RFD), and, the limiting factor for many youth athletes is the ability to produce gross amounts of force. A larger person has a better chance of producing force. If your mass is decreasing throughout a season, maintaining the same levels of force production will be difficult.

Make sure to consistently weigh yourself during the season. If you tend to be a guy who struggles to keep weight on, make sure to bring food with you to the field and stay properly hydrated. Sneaking in extra calories pre- and post-practice, in addition to occasionally having something to eat mid-game, could go a long way in maintaining body weight. 

2. Consolidate Stressors.

This is a fancy way of saying to make your harder days focused on building yourself up and letting your easy days be focused on recovery. If you’re at the field six days a week, a seventh day of rest might be exactly what you need, instead of hitting the gym on day seven. Try and sneak in weight room sessions on the same days that you have extensive on-field work. All stress is stress. For example, a position player who is on his feet for 2+ hours a day six days in a row probably needs the seventh day to rest and would get a much greater benefit from stacking lifting weights on top of a few of the harder days during the week. Know that if you’re not taking care of your recovery modalities (through sleep, nutrition, lifestyle), your body’s ability to absorb and adapt to stress will be diminished.

3. Appreciate Micro-Sessions.

While a majority of off-season lifts will take 60-90 minutes, this doesn’t mean that in-season lifts need to as well. There’s nothing inherently wrong with hitting 3-4 20-40 minute sessions throughout the week. This ensures that the quality of work will be higher; in fact, the quantity of work for four 30-minute sessions might also be greater than just trying to blow it out on the gym the one day you have a dedicated 90 minutes. A typical 30-minute session could be as follows:

A1) Deadlift or Squat, 3x3
A2) Arm Care, 3 sets
A3) Core, 3 sets
B1) Single-Leg Exercise, 3 sets
B2) Upper-Body Push, 3 sets
B3) Upper-Body Pull, 3 sets

By switching to a tri-set format and making the session full-body, you can sneak in extra work and still finish the above session in under 40 minutes. In fact, even getting in two sets of all of the above multiple times a week will probably have greater carryover than going several days between sessions just so you can wait to get in the typical 18-24 set range that we hit during a mid-offseason session.

4. Understand the Difference Between Soreness and Progress.

Not all strength training sessions need to be tough or need to make you sore to create progress. In fact, if you’re constantly sore during the season, you’ll be limited in your ability to output the highest levels of power that you can achieve. Simple ways to avoid soreness from in-season lifts include not including brand-new exercises – the novelty of a new exercise will create more soreness than one you’ve recently done - and avoiding high amounts of eccentric stress. For example, a Bulgarian split-squat is a great exercise, but a step-up might be a better in-season choice because it provides far less eccentric stress. Not all lifts need to be heavy grinders, either; in fact, maximal strength is the training quality that will have the longest carryover in terms of the amount of times you need to hit it just to maintain it. Issurin’s Residual Training Qualities chart claims that Max Strength will stick around for periods up to 30 +/- 5 days, which means you could theoretically hit Max Strength qualities 1-2x/month and maintain them. A simple action item to scale this would be to take your main lift and hit it within different zones on the force-velocity curve in different weeks: In week 1, go heavy (near absolute strength), in week 2, work on strength-speed, in week 3, work on speed-strength, and just rotate it. The weight room shouldn’t beat up your ability to play the sport during the season.

5. Don’t Waste Valuable Energy on Needless Extra Reps.

To add on the point I outlined in #2, your body doesn’t know the difference between fatigue created on the field and fatigue created in the weight room. If you’re a position player, know that the extra 100 swings you decided to take after practice are going to hinder your body’s ability to adapt to stress you want to add to it in the weight room. When it comes to extra on-field work, pick and choose your battles. We know that fatigue is the enemy of motor learning, so if you are sacrificing quality of on-field technique work because you feel like you need extra reps, you might be just getting worse at your sport. Keep the quality of all swings, throws, and fielding reps high and near the speed of sport if you want them to have carryover. If only the amount of reps that you NEED to take are applied, then you’ll have much more time and energy to get some strength work in.

6. Choose the Right Conditioning Modalities.

We know that baseball is an alactic-aerobic sport. The average work:rest ratio amongst pitchers is close to 1:20 (delivery takes less than 2 seconds, average MLB time in-between pitches last season was 23.8 seconds). The average work:rest ratio for position players is generally far greater given the lack of action they’ll take part in compared to the pitcher. If you’re training for baseball by applying long-distance running, you’re essentially training to be less efficient at the time demands the sport requires. This topic is covered widely in previous articles (here and here) on this site, but it is still amazingly prevalent within the baseball community. To layer on top of the points I made above, you’ve sapped the adaptive capacity of the individual for something that has nothing to do with getting better at the sport. In short, keep your speed work fast and keep your rest time focused on recovery.

7. Maintain Needed Mobility.

While this one may not directly relate to strength as much as a few of the others, it’s important to understand that if you are losing mobility you need to perform your sport at a high level, you now have to choose between spending time gaining that mobility back or maintaining strength. Force, power, RFD, speed, and all the other physiological qualities for which we train are only as good as your ability to use them on field. Simple strategies such as having a daily mobility routine as part of pre- and post-practice can save valuable time that you can use towards increasing the physiological qualities that I mentioned above in the weight room. Five minutes before and after every on-field session can save valuable time later in the season when overuse-related mobility concerns start to arise, not to mention, they’ll keep you healthy and on the field throughout the season.

If you want to train with Team USA at Uncle Sam Athletics this season, email us at, and we will send you more information.

Coach Jamie

Workouts at the Bunker and Uncle Sam Athletics in Troy, NY

    What's happening at the Bunker this month:

    Youtube video of the Bunker and Uncle Sam workouts

    See what all the hype is about. Check out our Youtube page and be sure to subscribe for free to get the latest videos.

    Prep Baseball Report Showcase at The Bunker

    Champion's Events will be holding their annual "NY State Top 100 Tryouts" at the Bombers Bunker this weekend for players ages 11U, 12U, and 13U.  Players ranked in the Top 100 will be invited to compete in the NY State Junior Elite Games for 11U, 12U, and 13U players in August of 2019. You can view all information on this event and register online here:

    Bombers Bunker Baseball Academy delivers a new & exciting experience to their players with HitTrax Online Gaming

    Bombers Bunker Baseball Academy in Troy, NY built its reputation servicing serious athletes who want to become elite level baseball players. With a desire to expand services, they added HitTrax to their facility in 2016. The addition of this technology allowed them to build upon their training program, focusing on elite hitting instruction. Advanced metrics such as exit velocity, launch angle, and point of impact are heavily utilized in the program for immediate feedback to the player and verification that adjustments are producing desired results. To further enhance the value of their program, Bombers Bunker added a gaming component using the HitTrax Online Gaming feature (w/ SyncPlay). This feature allows Bombers Bunker to connect with other HitTrax facilities and play a full 7-inning game in real-time. SyncPlay is the innovative method that allows both teams to bat simultaneously, eliminating any downtime while keeping the excitement level high. With SyncPlay, a full 7-inning game can be played in 30 minutes. At The Bunker, workouts are held every weekday from 4 to 8pm, and they have connected with Perfect Game to provide real time games vs. other facilities with similar training times. All locations arrange for 4-5 players to breakaway from the team workout at each 60 minute interval. Over the course of the 4 hour time period, each group will play 2 full games, allowing the players to take “game time” at bats, practice situational hitting, while injecting competition into their training regimen. 

    Outdoors Training at the Bunker

    The Bombers Bunker has added an 80,000 square foot outdoors training area complete with Turf fielding area, 70x30 pavilion with turf ground and three pitching mounds, and six batting cages for year round use in addition to our 20,000 square foot indoors facility. Just another reason to make the Bombers Bunker your home for Baseball or Softball training. 

    The Rock 18U Showcase Champs 2018

    Frozen Ropes 18U Summer Slam July 2018

    The Bombers 18U Showcase team wins the Chip at The Rock, in Chester NY.

    Prep Baseball Report's 2017 New York State "East vs. West Battle" Champions

    Prep Baseball Report's 2017 "East vs. West Battle"

    The Bombers 17U Showcase team went undefeated at the 2017 Prep Baseball Report "East West Battle" to claim the NY state Championship. 

    Baseball Try Out Dates and Times

    Location: The Bombers Bunker

    70 102nd street Troy, NY 12180

    All age groups 9U through 18U will hold tryouts by request as needed. Call Coach Jamie to make arrangements 518-244-0757.

    Bombers Bunker Winter Group Workouts

    The Bombers Bunker Group workouts will run from Saturday November 3rd through Sunday March 31st. Group workout times are as follows:

    Saturday 10:15 a.m.

    Sunday 10:15 a.m.

    Wednesday 7:30 p.m.


    Workouts will be held at the Bombers Bunker Training Facility

    70 102nd street Troy, NY 12180

    Bombers Bunker
    70 102nd Street 
    Troy NY 12180

    Bombers Bunker

    Phone: 518-953-0777

    Jamie Kosowsky

    Phone: 518-244-0757

    Prep Baseball Report's New York State Rankings

    "Prep Baseball Report NY"

    State Rankings by Position and Graduation Year:

    2018 3B Joe Kosowsky ranked 1st.
    2018 2B Andrew Inglee ranked 3rd
    2018 1B Mike Siano ranked 7th
    2018 SS John Decker ranked 14th
    2018 2B Nate Poag ranked 18th
    2018 C John Wheeler ranked 26th
    2018 CF Jordan Peltier ranked 30th
    2018 RHP JT Lopez ranked 37th
    2018 C Lee Gnau ranked 49th
    2018 RHP EJ Birch ranked 63rd
    2018 RHP Griffin Racey ranked 90th
    2018 RHP Zach Snyder ranked 93rd
    2019 SS Julian Thompson ranked 12th
    2019 C Kyle Vachon ranked 12th
    2019 RHP Matt VonHolten 26th

    2020 OF Alonzo Barrett 27th

    2020 OF Jagger Suriano 33rd

    2020 RHP Ethan Simard 43rd


    Tri-City Bombers Home Fields

    The Tri-City Bombers are proud to call the D-1 baseball field at "U-Albany", and the turf field at "Lansingburgh High School" our Home Fields.

    Tri-City Bombers Home Fields

    U Albany Varsity Field

    Lansingburgh HS Turf Field

    Follow the Bombers on Social Media

    Click on the icons above to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or email Coach Jamie for more information on the Bombers.

    Bombers 12 and under Workout Video

    This is one of four workouts that our 12U players attend weekly all winter long. They will also attend team practice, fielding sessions, Hittrax sessions, and Group Speed and Agility workouts, all with a certified instructor, on a weekly basis.

    Hittrax Leader Board Northeast USA

    TOP 25 • 8U

    PAST 90 DAYS
    8 Johnny Cronk NY Tri-City Bombers



    Hittrax Leader Board Northeast USA

    TOP 25 • 10U

    PAST 90 DAYS
    1 Aayden Ayala NY Tri-City Bombers 61.15

    Hittrax Leader Board Northeast USA

    TOP 25 • 12U PAST 90 DAYS RANK

    1 Evan Derrick NY Tri-City Bombers 83.84

    Hittrax Leader Board Northeast USA

    TOP 25 • 13U

    PAST 90 DAYS
    1 Nico DeSanto   NY Tri-City Bombers 94.33

    Hittrax Leader Board Northeast USA

    TOP 25 • 15U

    PAST 90 DAYS
    1 Danny Barbero NY Tri-City Bombers 102.19

    Hittrax Leader Board Northeast USA

    TOP 25 • 16U

    PAST 90 DAYS
    4 Brian Tietjen NY Tri-City Bombers 101.89

    Hittrax Leader Board Northeast USA

    TOP 25 • 18U

    PAST 90 DAYS
    1 Luke Gold NY Tri-City Bombers 108.76


    Perfect Game is partnering up with HitTrax to set up indoors winter leagues for all facilities with HitTrax online. The Bombers Bunker is a HitTrax Facility, and we will participate in "The Perfect Game" Winter League.

    REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  more information to follow   

    Teams will consist of 5 players each at all age groups.                                                    

    COST: Ages 10U through 18U to be determined

    Bombers Bunker now home to the Electric City Bombers Softball Club

    The Bombers would like to welcome the "Electric City Bombers" Softball Club to the Bunker this winter for indoors training and strength and conditioning. For more information on the Electric City Bombers, or to schedule a tryout just click on the link below:


    "The Bombers Bunker"

    Diogenes Polo

    Diogenes Polo

    Hitting and Pitching Instructor and Bombers 11U Team Coach.

    Baseball Instructors

    Jamie Kosowsky

    Strength and Conditioning Coach and Bombers 12U team Coach

    Strength Coaches:

    Mark Powell

    Mark Powell

    Hitting and Fielding Instructor and Bombers 10U Team manager. 

    Danny Barbero

    Danny Barbero

    Hitting and Fielding Instructor and Bombers 15U Showcase Team Manager

    Franklin Miller

    Franklin Miller

    Strength and Conditioning Coach and Bombers 12U Showcase team Manager

    Chris Bradt

    Pitching and Hitting Instructor and Bombers 14U team manager

    Sean Ritter

    Catching and Hitting Coach and Bombers 16U team manager.

    JJ Pearsall

    J.J. Pearsall

    Pitching Coach and Bombers 15U showcase Team Coach

    Kaleb Ashenbrenner

    Catching and Hitting Coach and Bombers 12U team Manager

    Thomas Sutera

    Pitching Coach

    Zach Ferris

    Strength and Conditioning Coach

    Jon Mueller

    Jon Mueller

    Bombers Catching and Hitting Instructor, and Bombers 17U Showcase Team Manager.

    Jim Macarelli

    Jim Macarelli

    Jim Macarelli

    Bombers 14U Team Manager

    Bombers Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 season is about to begin

    The Tri-City Bombers will wrap up tryouts for the 2018 Fall and 2019 Spring / Summer season. If you are still looking for a baseball team ages 9U through 18U in the ENYTB league for the 2019 season and would like to tryout for a Bombers team, contact Coach Jamie today.

    Coach Jamie


    Bombers College Commitment Watch

    Bombers 2019 Grads:

    Julian Thompson committed to D-1 Iona College

    Tyrell Irvis committed to D-2 Saint Rose University

    Travis Rathwell committed to D-3 Union College

    Bombers 2018 Grads:

    Joseph Kosowsky committed to D-1 Fairleigh Dickinson College

    Johnny Decker committed to D-1 Stony Brook College

    John Wheeler committed to D-1 Siena College

    Justin Jordan committed to D-1 Sacred Heart University

    Andrew Inglee to D-3 St. John Fisher

    Griffin Racey committed to D-3 Clarkson University

    Matthew Hinderliter committed to D-3 Stevenson Universtiy

    Lee Gnau committed to D-3 Mount Aloysius College

    Mike Siano committed to D-3 R.I.T. College

    E.J. Birch committed to D-3 Suffolk Universtiy

    Jake Washock D-3 Suffolk University

    Josh Bennett committed to D-3 SUNY Utica 

    Bombers 2017 Grads:

    Demitri Murray committed to D-1 Iona College

    Matthew Ferriero committed to D-1 Fairfield College

    Ethan Radley committed to D-3 Keuka College

    Manny Santiago committed to D-3 SUNY Polytech

    Jimmy Morris committed to D-3 Kings College

    Nilu Chirchirillo committed to D-3 Lasell College

    Louis LaCivita committed to D-3 St. Lawrence College

    Bombers 2016 Grads:

    Antony Mantova committed to D-3 St. John Fisher College

    Brogan Barker committed to D-3 St. John Fisher College

    Chris Ramsundar committed to D-3 Utica College

    Kyle Sherlock committed to Fulton Montgomery College

    David Crawford committed to Fulton Montgomery College

    Riley Withkowski committed to Jefferson College


    Indoors Strength Speed and Agility Training

    Pitching Lanes

    All Turf Fielding Area and Batting Cages

    2016 Nike College Showcase at the "ROCK Sprots Park" in Chester, NY

    The Bombers 17U Elite go undefeated to win the 2016 "NIKE 18U College Showcase Tournament" in Chester, NY at "The ROCK" and "The YARD" Sports Parks.

    2016 ENYTB Fall Classic

    Bombers 17U Elite go undefeated to win the 2016 ENYTB Fall Classic at the ValleyCats Stadium in Troy, NY...!!!

    2016 Last Man Standing Champs

    Here are some pics of this year's ENYTB "Last Man Standing Tournament" Championship Bomber's teams. 10U, 12U Red, 12U Blue, and 13U Bombers teams all shown here.

    2016 Baseball Heaven Independence Day Finals

    Bombers 17U Elite go undefeated into the Championship Game at the 2016 Independence Day Championships at "Baseball Heaven" in Long Island, NY. Bombers claim second place in this tournament.